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About LT1 Engine

Some say the fourth-generation Chevrolet Corvette was designed by the car gods themselves, thanks to a chassis crafted with the precision and detail the LT1 engine. Today, the LT1 engine is used in many types of cars in addition to the Corvette such as the Z28 Camaro, Impala, Caprice, and Buick Roadmaster. The LT1 engine block is built of cast iron and features a reverse cooling system which allows the engine to cool its head before its block, enabling the engine to produce more power in shorter amounts of time. But even with this solid design, these engines require maintenance and upkeep. An LT1 engine rebuild kit houses all the components needed to refresh the system in your LT1 engine. After repairs or maintenance services are done, dress up your motor with a proper LT1 engine cover. Painted valve covers make your engine truly standout as its own machine. You can find a new and used LT1 engine and everything you need for maintenance including parts, components, and rebuild kits available with convenient shipping options on eBay.

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