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About LSU

If you're an LSU alumnus and want to show your support for the Bayou Bengals, sporting or displaying an LSU helmet is a great way to do that. The LSU Tigers helmet in its purple and gold hues or purple and white is often available on eBay with autographs by the team's players. Football helmets, full-size helmets, mini helmets, helmets you can wear if you're so inclined, or one to display as decoration, you can find any of them. The team is often a hot one in college football and has played in national championships three times since 2000. The LSU Tigers won the 2003 Sugar Bowl and the 2007 BCS National Title. They made it to the championship game in 2011, too, but lost the game to Alabama 21-0. So it goes, like the weather in New Orleans, but the gold and purple still shine.