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About LS3 Engine

It is difficult to spruce up a car like the Chevrolet Corvette, but in mid-2008, GM decided that its flagship vehicle needed to better compete against other vehicles. So the engineers installed the brand-new LS3 engine under the hood, an updated version of the previous LS2 featuring high-flow cylinder heads, high-flow intake manifolds, and a larger bore block. This gives the LS3 engine a starting point of 430 bhp at 5,900 rpm, which is not too shabby for an all-aluminum V8 engine. The high-performance factor combined with its small size means that many gearheads searching on eBay for that perfect motor for their project car may end up ordering a brand new LS3 crate engine. There is a also a popular market for performance parts based around this engine, such as a dual exhaust system that gets extra bhp out of the motor and even an LS3 engine cover that keeps the motor's surface free of oil, dust, and grime. This compact motor powers some of GM's most popular sport vehicles around the world.

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