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About LS2 Engine

Something revolutionary happened when Chevy reinvented the small block architecture with the genesis of LS series engines back in 1997, appearing in the fifth generation Corvette. Now, you can enjoy the increased performance of the LS2 engine, which was introduced in the 2005 model year. Effectively superseding the LS1, the LS2 engine is a remarkably powerful 6.0 liter unit, with a commanding 400 horsepower, 400 pounds per feet of torque, and a 10.9:1 compression ratio with 6500 rpm redline. Appearing in 2005 Corvettes, this was also a 2005 Pontiac GTO engine, so be sure to check out deals from reliable sellers on eBay for your own GTO LS2 engine. Dubbed the fourth generation of the small block engine by GM, the LS2 is certainly a prime investment in late-model performance for your next car project, and you can find a complete LS2 engine in the right condition you need from reliable sellers on eBay. One of the great things about these engines is how they relate to the previous models, so many of the third generation parts can be used on the LS2, like the L56-style cylinder heads and deep-skirted case. Be sure to check out what the LS2 engine has to offer, it may be just what you need to get some Detroit muscle tucked under the hood.

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