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About LS1 Block

You dream of racing at speeds so high that you can barely breath. Street racers get ready, the addition of an LS1 block engine to your vehicle is the missing link that can make your dreams a reality. Crafted by Chevrolet, the LS1 block is built with performance in mind, allowing to you to drive at the speeds you desire. These LS1 engine blocks feature a cylinder design and can give your vehicle 450-900 horsepower while handling with ease. Important characteristics of these engines include aluminum alloy casting, deep-skirt casting, a 1-piece rear main seal as well as the option for wet or dry sump oiling. You can find the LS block series, including a LS1 short block in the large inventory available on eBay. Before purchasing, be sure to check out the casting number to ensure a proper fit for your vehicle. Equipped with an LS1 block engine in your car, you can be prepared for the big race, and might even feel like you are redefining the limits of speed as you blaze across the finish line.

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