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About LS1 Alternator

The weekend has arrived, and it is time for your favorite pastime: working on your 1999 Chevy Corvette. You have finally made some progress after toiling on this vehicle for the last few months, and now it is time to install your LS1 alternator. One of your more inquisitive buddies has decided to watch you as you work while you explain to him what exactly an LS1 engine is. These GM small block V-8 engines have been a staple in the line of General Motors' rear wheel drive vehicles. Your particular Chevrolet is in need of an LS1 Corvette alternator because your current one is unable to effectively charge your battery while the car is running. Not only that, you were able to get additional parts to complete this job by browsing the wide selection of items available on eBay. Without that option, you would have never been able to get an LS1 alternator bracket to ensure your alternator stays in place securely. You wipe your hands and ask your friend to start the car; after a few turns of the key, it seems your new LS1 alternator is performing its job perfectly.