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About LS Supercharger

Whether you own a Camaro or a Corvette, an LS Supercharger can give your vehicle exactly what it needs for quick acceleration and a super-smooth ride. You can find the perfect LS Supercharger for your car within the vast inventory available on eBay, and you can even take the opportunity to buy all the tools you need to install it yourself and save a little money. Most quality LS1 Supercharger kits feature a 4-lobe design that ensures minimum temperature rise and maximum air flow during acceleration. LS2 Supercharger kits can fit right under your stock hood without the need for any special modifications. Everything from the manifold assembly and cast aluminum tensioner to the electrical harness and hardware for installation is included with many LS Supercharger kits. Choose a kit with an internal bypass valve, as this valve minimizes air pressure as you accelerate or slow down. The design of each Supercharger kit makes for low noise and minimal vibration under the hood for a more peaceful ride, whether you are traveling for long or short distances.