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About Lowepro Trekker

Since its humble beginnings as a custom backpack company with production facilities in the basement of the owners' Utah home, Lowe Alpine has become a well-respected and much-loved equipment brand for serious mountaineers, hikers, and climbers. People who like to be in the mountains like to take pictures of the mountains, and the LowePro Trekker series was created to provide secure transport for professional and serious amateur photographers' camera equipment on outdoor shoots. The heavy-duty LowePro Photo Trekker provides compartmentalized storage for a number of cameras, lenses, and flashes of various sizes. Extra padding within these compartments means less chance of breakage of delicate equipment on the trail, while comfortable support straps help you shoulder the load. For shorter trips, where less equipment is required, a LowePro Mini Trekker AW might be a better choice. Reputable sellers on eBay offer various different sizes of LowePro Trekker backpacks in both new and used conditions.

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