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About Louis Vuitton Limited Edition

It is the ultimate "oh darn" moment for any fashion-forward woman: You see a handbag that you absolutely must have, only to realize that it is part of a limited edition collection that is no longer in stores. Thanks to the vast inventory of bags on eBay, though, you can find Louis Vuitton limited edition bags that are impossible to find anywhere else. Louis Vuitton has put out several fun and fashionable limited edition collections, including different spins on its iconic monogram logo print. For example, one limited edition collection circa 2009 to 2010 featured a prominent gold monogram print on black leather background; a twist on the typically tan-on-brown Louis Vuitton monogram color scheme. If the monogram look is not right for you, many other Louis Vuitton limited edition bags exist, many featuring prints and patterns with nary a corporate logo in sight, including collaboration with Japanese designer Yayoi Kusama that features an interesting polka-dot pattern. Some of these limited edition collections come with coordinating items such as wallets, so you can have a matched pair of useful accessories.