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About Louis Chairs

Sitting after a long day on your feet feels like the best thing in the world. Sitting in a Louis chair, though, makes you look even better than you feel. These chairs ooze style, and a few in your home or office transform the space into a royal suite. Three styles of Louis chair are most widely known. Baroque chairs are heavy, masculine chairs developed in the reign of Louis XIV, and feature turned symmetrical legs connected with a stretcher. His grandson Louis XV favored a more delicate and feminine style, known as Rococo, with curved legs. Marie Antoinette?s Louis XVI developed a neoclassical style with straight lines and fluted legs resembling Greek columns. Within each of these styles lies great variation of detail such as carving and fabric. Whatever you need to bring a bit of royal elegance to your seat, you are sure to find it from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. Whether you display an individual piece or collect a set, they are bound to add a significant amount of style and elegance to your decor.

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