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About Lotus Elise

If you have a penchant for cars that are fast, furious, and fun, there are few with as much prestige as the Lotus Elise. Capable of reaching speeds of around 140 mph, the Elise is an iconic English sports car with fans across the globe. Designed in 1994, the sleek, lightweight sports car was released in 1996 to almost universal praise. Indeed, every aspect of the car was engineered for speed, with Lotus Elise exhausts made from lightweight stainless steel to help keep the car light and responsive. With the engine system working in tandem with a unique fiberglass and aluminum body, the original Lotus Elise was capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in under 6 seconds. Despite this, the car remains incredibly responsive having much lauded braking and cornering ability. After the success of its first incarnation, the second generation Elise was produced in 2001, and models that are even more powerful were released in 2008. Among the newest variants are the Elise NA, the Elise R, and the incredibly swift Elise SC, capable of hitting speeds in excess of 150 mph. Whether you are an existing owner seeking Lotus Elise parts and spares, or a stalwart collector of iconic sports cars looking to purchase your first Lotus vehicle, you can find a vast number of cars, parts, and accessories on eBay.

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