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About Lotions

You face dry skin that itches and cracks, and keeping it at bay seems like a full-time job. Fortunately, lotion helps return the moisture to your skin while soothing it and making it feel soft. You have so many different varieties to choose from depending on the type of skin you have or other conditions affecting your skin. Body lotion is formulated to work on all areas of your body from head to toe. Hand lotion comes in smaller bottles and penetrates deep into the thick layers of skin on your hands without leaving a greasy feeling. Hypoallergenic varieties work for people who have sensitive skin. Scented varieties leave you smelling nice with choices from floral to fruity scents. Choose hand pump bottles for easy dispensing or small tubes that fit conveniently into your purse. Find a large selection of lotion to use by shopping from reliable sellers on eBay. Relieve your dry, itchy skin while having smooth and fragrant skin with quality lotion.