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About Lost in Space

Danger, Will Robinson! Fans of retro sci-fi recognize "Lost in Space" as one of the quintessential American television programs from the Golden Age of science fiction. The show follows the adventures of the Robinson family who, in the face of Earth's overpopulation, venture into the far reaches of the galaxy with the intention to set up a new colony in Alpha Centauri where the human race can continue to flourish. Little do they know that bumbling stowaway, spy, and saboteur Dr. Zachary Smith is on board to throw them hopelessly off course. Now that we are safely in the next century, the light comedy of vintage "Lost in Space" plays as especially hilarious and campy, making it three full seasons of 1960s fun that parents can share with their children of any age. Retro toys, such as Lost in Space figures, dolls, and more, are popular collectibles on eBay, and add to the whimsy of any child's toy box or the esteem of any sci-fi enthusiast's display shelf. What did 1997 look like to the creative minds of the 1960s? Gather 'round the family and get "Lost in Space" together for a lighthearted look back to the future.