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About Losi SCTE

The world of competitive model car racing is a fascinating one, and it is not even limited to cars. The Losi SCTE line of model trucks do not necessarily look like something you would see at a car dealership, but you might find similar models at the race track. The Losi 10 SCTE line of trucks are one tenth to scale of a real truck, and the line prides itself on its fidelity to the originals they base their models on, right down to the decals on the exterior. The parts, like the Losi shocks SCTE, are made of high quality plastic and aluminum, allowing users to break quickly without damaging the vehicle. Buyers looking for these or other Losi SCTE products can find a wide variety in good to excellent condition from trusted sellers on eBay offering convenient and reliable shipping options, so you do not have to spend endless time driving around in your full size car looking for the model car you want from a brick and mortar store.