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About Lortone

Sitting in your office, you love seeing the expression on the faces of the newly engaged couple as they watch you and wait with anticipation to see the beautifully designed rings you created for them. Without the help of your Lortone tumbler machine, you would not have achieved such beautiful and polished gems for them. Your Lortone rock tumbler has helped you create a business and make a living doing so. The tumbler is designed to polish any rocks that you put into it and you find that it does an amazing job. The tumbler works at different speeds, and you own a few different models including the Lortone rock tumbler 33B edition. This tumbler turns and polishes with finesse and ease. Once the rocks are done, you can remove them from the tumbler and begin setting them in jewelry. If you are searching for the perfect Lortone tumbler for your store or home, browse through the selection sold by the reliable sellers on eBay.