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About Lori Greiner

Innovation is a major source of progress, with inspiring creative minds constantly churning out ingenious products that simplify everyday household tasks. One such mind belongs to Lori Greiner, often referred to as "The Queen of QVC." Greiner owns over 400 patents, with numerous products that have long-ranging effects in home decor and functionality. Lori Greiner's cosmetic line includes smart jewelry boxes that hold and display as many as 100 different pieces without giving the appearance of clutter. Her home decor includes desks, mirrors, chests, purses, and more. Lori Greiner's organizers are perhaps her best-known products, as she designed many of them herself and continues to redefine functional aesthetics in the bathroom. There is an impressive collection of Lori Greiner's products in the vast inventory on eBay, including finely crafted wooden boxes to beautifully decorated spinning mirrors. Greiner continues to make a name for herself as a business mogul on the TV show "Shark Tank," as well as other shows in which she debuts up-and-coming products to eager audiences. Lori Greiner continues to innovate and her creations are the epitome of style and function.