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About Loose Sapphires

The jewelry designer puzzles over what to do with the large 3-karat gemstone on his desk, trying to decide if it would look best in a gold or platinum setting and if it needs other adornments or would work best on its own. Loose sapphires are a blank slate for their owners, serving as building blocks for those who want to design their own fantastic pieces of jewelry. While sapphires are best known for their vibrant blue shades, these stones come in many colors. A loose white sapphire, for example, often ends up as a simulated diamond and placed on an engagement ring. A loose pink sapphire is a truly beautiful stone, and one that attracts plenty of attention whether it ends up on necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. There is an enormous selection of both natural and synthetic loose sapphire stones on eBay from reliable sellers all over the world. Choose one based on its quality and karat weight and use it as the centerpiece for a fantastic jewelry design.