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About Loose Gemstones

Get your hands on some serious glitz and glimmer with a beautiful bounty of shimmering loose gemstones available on eBay. It has never been easier to create your own custom jewelry sets to sell, to give as a gift, or to wear out on the town. Pair some basic silver or gold settings with a clutch of gorgeous, natural loose gemstones and arrange them to your liking. Loose gemstone beads take the possibilities to another level, and allow you to string sparkling jewels in strand after strand, creating color schemes and styles that suit your personal taste and complement any ensemble. A new or previously owned collection of loose gemstones, whether smooth and polished or faceted and dynamic, make your craft box?s potential limitless. Twinkling seductively from string or wire, in elegant loops and dangles or inserted into charms and pendants, loose gemstones are a wise investment for anyone looking to put a glamorous and glitzy finishing touch on their day or evening look.