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About London Bridge Trading

The name London Bridge Trading may conjure up images of trading cards featuring the world's most famous bridges, or even collectible nursery rhyme themed figurines, but the reality is that neither of these is true. In actuality, London Bridge Trading is an American-based company that makes tactical gear in rugged nylon. This means that this company's products are perfect for military field applications, but that does not mean you have to be an active member of the armed forces to get your hands on these products. There is a vast inventory of bags and other items on eBay, including plate carrier vests, pistol magazine pouches, rigger belts, and medical bags. These products come in a variety of military-ready colors, including black, army green, and a variety of types of camo. You can even find a chest rig with a wide variety of straps and loops that can allow you to strap just about anything to your chest for easy access, whether you are pursuing more peaceful hobbies or playing out some sort of militant role play fantasy.