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About Loki

Charming and charismatic, with a silver tongue capable of bringing fangirls to their knees, Loki could easily coax the world into giving him ultimate power. These traits set him apart from his adopted family, one that values brawn and valor in battle over sorcery and wit. Born to the King of the Frost Giants, Loki is repudiated for his size. After defeating his father in battle, Odin adopts the tiny Frost Giant and raises him alongside his son, Thor. Thor’s prowess receives constant praise, leaving Loki to feel maligned. Through his passion for playing tricks, Loki gets into trouble with the All-Father, who exiles him from Asgard on many an occasion. Loki’s tricks and attacks lead directly to the formation of the Avengers. As a beloved, misunderstood villain, his golden horned helmet and green cloak appear on everything from Loki shirts to posters. There is no need to limit your collection to apparel and wall decor, either. Find new Lego Loki toys, bobble heads, and collectible figurines on eBay.