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About Log Furniture

Your kids can play with all of the Lincoln Logs they want — you would rather play with log furniture. Wood-based furniture adds a rustic and romantic feel to your home, whether placed indoors or outdoors. Log furniture derives from many kinds of trees including oaks, pine species, poplar, and mahogany. It comes in the same designs as other household items, such as: bedside tables, coffee stands, chairs, desks, dressers, and beds. Most people select wooden furniture from craftspeople and artisans who construct and finish the products by hand. The species of tree used to produce furniture gives each piece a distinct look, feel, and sometimes adds scent too. Pine log furniture, for instance, comes from softwood and hardwood trees. Softwood products are light in color; they range from pale yellow to amber brown, while hardwood products have colors closer to ginger. Pine tables, dressers, and chairs contain distinct knots and grooves, lending a unique look that has fragrant scents too. Wood furniture, especially when finished with weatherproof layers, is quite hardy. You can decorate your home interior with wood furniture and use it as outdoor furniture too. Look for these products on eBay from reliable sellers who have a large variety from which to choose.