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Maximize space in a small room with a loft bed. Make bedtime fun with a castle loft bed or give your student space to study with a desk loft bed. Choose from the available loft beds on eBay and use these helpful tips to measure your space.

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About Loft Beds

You've exhausted your closet storage space, crammed every drawer full, stacked and stacked and rearranged everything in your room, and still the bedroom can't accommodate all the furniture and your other belongings. But that's fine, because you still have one option: a loft bed. A take on the old bunk bed, loft beds create high sleeping areas with useful space underneath the bed. Depending on the height of the loft, one of these beds can free up space for other furniture or just some much-needed storage. A blanket draped over the free area under the bed creates a private space where you can escape with your favorite book or let your children's imaginations run wild: It can be a princess palace, a pirate ship, or even a space station. A loft bed with a desk creates a functional workspace for students without overtaking the room. A low loft bed is for people who perhaps don't enjoy sleeping up high but still need a little extra storage space. You'll find new and used beds on eBay, with reliable sellers offering you a choice of mattress size, frame materials, and of course styling. A loft bed can be the perfect solution to the age-old problem of where to put everything in a smaller space.