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About Lladro

When Juan, Jose, and Vicente Lladro sat in front of the Moorish furnace in their home in Valencia, Spain, they probably never dreamed ? but perhaps secretly hoped ? that their creations would become highly prized art pieces valued by discriminating collectors. For more than 50 years, Lladro figurines, with their graceful curves and subtle hues, have held special places on mantels, on coffee tables, and in curio cabinets across the globe. Start your collection now or choose one special, meaningful piece by perusing the offerings of reliable sellers on eBay. Find the retired Lladro piece that your collection is missing, such as "What a Surprise," which is the darling pigtailed girl holding two adorable ducklings nestled in a straw hat, or "Opening Night," a graceful ballerina in quiet repose. Bring Lladro figurines home for Christmas with a stunning Lladro Nativity that simply radiates with the solemnness and beauty of that Holy Night. Choose an entire set complete with animals or, perhaps, just figurines of Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus for a simpler display. Whether you are looking for elegance in clowns, dogs, or a blissful bride and groom, Lladro has the perfect piece of art for you.