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About Liz Claiborne Accesories

The first company founded by a woman to make the Fortune 500, the name Liz Claiborne implies much more than a tasteful pair of shoes or nice handbag; it brings to mind the trend-setting fashion designer who loved the color red. It's associated with success; and most of all, it radiates the image of strong, self-made women who just happen to love to look good. Still popular after several decades, Liz Claiborne clothes and accessories cater to both genders and all occasions, working to achieve affordability and timelessness—and succeeding. Women can easily find a classy Liz Claiborne dress that still fits into her budget (and maybe even into a fashionably large Liz Claiborne handbag!). You can fill your wardrobe with your love of Liz Claiborne and her products, including wallets, shoes, luggage, sunglasses, sweaters and jeans, sheet sets, watches, and more. Find the Liz Claiborne look of your dreams on eBay, where you can save even more money by choosing between the new or gently used products available.