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About Littlest Pet Shop Custom

Just when you thought household pets could not get any cuter, along came Littlest Pet Shop custom pets to woo you with their large eyes and sweet faces. These delightful toys are improvisations on the toys produced by Hasbro and Kenner in tandem with the "Littlest Pet Shop" animated series. Fans of these little toy pets and craftspeople customize the commercially-manufactured Littlest Pet Shop animals to create one-of-a-kind collectibles. A customization to a Littlest Pet Shop custom cat, for example, might include hand-painted detailing on the face and fur as well as add-ons such as bows. LPS aficionados also make custom outfits for these collectibles, so you might come across a Littlest Pet Shop custom dog wearing a charming sweater or even a tutu. Given that there are thousands of commercially-produced Littlest Pet Shop animals from toy manufacturers such as Hasbro and Kenner, the customized options seem almost endless. Take a look through the vast inventory of Littlest Pet Shop custom pets on eBay to find a one-of-a-kind version of this popular toy for your own collection.