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About Littlest Pet Shop Costumes

Fun and fanciful bugs and frogs frolic from house to house one night a year: Halloween night, of course. Your tiny tot loves to trick-or-treat, and the large inventory of Littlest Pet Shop costumes on eBay means that she can choose her favorite costume from tons of adorable critters. A red, white, and black ladybug dress features a funny bug face on the chest, with a ruffled skirt covered in big black polka dots. A fanciful ladybug hat featuring two tiny black antennae, along with floppy bug wings in red and white complete a cool costume. When she tires of being a bug, pick out a funny frog Littlest Pet Shop costume for her tea party with toads, kitties, and puppies. The friendly frog features a bright green dress with a full frog body and a face on the front, along with a silly frog hat in a plush style that detaches from the dress. Pair the costume with bright green sneakers and your little girl is ready for the candy crush.