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About Littlest Pet Shop Collie

The collie, a gentle, loyal breed of herding dog, makes an excellent pet. For toy-loving children or enthusiastic collectors, the Littlest Pet Shop collie can be even better because you can acquire, display, or play with as many of these inch-tall figurines as you can find. Hasbro introduced the line in 1992, which includes other dog breeds, as well as cats, gerbils, and many other pets. The line was discontinued in 1996 and then brought back in 2005. Hundreds of versions of the toys are available from a vast inventory on eBay. The Littlest Pet Shop brown collie with freckles or the Littlest Pet Shop grey collie with big blue eyes are must-haves to start your collection. Pamper them with bows, sweaters, hand-knit scarves, or even a toy tractor for a working collie on the farm. Display your Littlest Pet Shop collie in a case or play set. Whether you are starting a brand new collection or adding to one you've been building for over twenty years, you are sure to find the perfect lovable companions.