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About Littlest Pet Shop Cat

Real cats are great companions, but they also need constant care and love. Adorable Littlest Pet Shop cats are fun and valuable toys for animal-loving youngsters. Use them as teaching tools to help kids learn responsibility and prepare for taking care of living felines someday. Browse the vast assortment of toys on eBay and find a Littlest Pet Shop Siamese cat with large, wide eyes and a friendly expression. Some include extras like tiaras and bows, so they look like fashionable members of feline royalty. At least these kitties stay quiet through the day, unlike real Siamese cats, which are usually very vocal. Choose a Littlest Pet Shop long-haired cat if you love the soft feel of furry cats, but hate cleaning excess hair off couches. These cute, hard plastic figurines have molded details such as tufts of fur on their foreheads, painted in a contrasting color to give an eye-catching three-dimensional effect. Ideal for display on a shelf, some Littlest Pet Shop cats stand on three paws while bending down to lick the fourth, making these figurines look almost as authentic as real living kitties.