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About Little Einsteins

You surely want your young child to learn the fine art of problem solving at a young age. Disney's "Little Einsteins" television series does exactly this, in a fun way involving music and some interesting characters. The gang's leader, Leo, his younger sister Annie, and their friends are seen on various merchandise, and the "Little Einsteins" party theme is very popular among preschoolers. All party supplies you might need are sold on eBay, right from personalized birthday outfits to sticker labels and activity books for the party favor bags. "Little Einsteins" figures are usually available in lots of three or four. Rocket, the airplane, is the most entertaining character, because he is fitted with lights and sounds, and opens up to seat one of more of the figures. Any Disney's "Little Einsteins" toy doubles up as the most adorable cake topper. Stock up on these supplies, arrange a few mission-style games, and each of your little guests is guaranteed to go home completely over the moon.