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About Lita

Formidable, sexy, powerful—it's not a surprise a pair of shoes as unique as those from the Jeffrey Campbell Lita line can evoke such visceral reactions. The platform boots from Lita are an impressive addition to any outfit, whether it's a casual jeans-and-shirt kind of day or a little black dress and tights meant to be seen at a nightclub. One popular style of this shoe is the Lita spike, a design that can truly strike fear into the hearts of the fashionably mundane. With bright silver studs standing against black, red, white, or grey leather or suede, you will never be afraid of lacking presence when wearing these shoes. The four-to-five-inch heels don't hurt either, plus the two inches added by the platform itself! Browse through multicolored, multispiked Litas at your leisure on eBay, where trusted sellers offer new and gently used pairs of shoes. Buy the Litas you love to spice up any ensemble—or night—and impress your haters.