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About Liquid Latex

Shop the extensive inventory of costumes, body paint and accessories including costume prosthetics!

Instead of simply dressing up like a zombie this Halloween, transform yourself into one. Liquid latex can give you a completely new face and looks a lot more realistic than face paint or masks. Use it to create zombie scars and cuts on your face and body, making you look like one of the real undead masses instead of just someone dressing up like a zombie. You can also use latex to change the shape of your nose, chin, cheeks, or entire face and masquerade as any number of quirky characters for a day. Liquid latex makeup can serve as a second skin, letting you practically become Mystique, Poison Ivy, or one of the characters from "Avatar." If you are a beginner, you can use molds to help achieve the look you are going for. Whether you want a very convincing Halloween or Comic Con costume, or you need some makeup effects for your low-budget independent movie, sellers on eBay offer myriads of liquid latex products. Choose from white, colored, or clear liquid latex, body paint, and a variety of molds.