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About Lip Liners

Some people think that makeup is a complex concept and that it takes a true artist to make it look effortless. One of the basic components in any good make up kit is lip liner. When you use a lip liner, it can transform your lips, add dimension to a lip color, and it can even act as a protector to prevent your color from bleeding. A good make-up artist keeps a large set of liners in her kit because there are so many different colors and brands available, many of which are available on eBay. The liners come in shades ranging from flirty pink and playful coral to seductive red and sensual brown. One of the most basic tips you should know about lip liners is that to make your lipstick last longer you should fill your entire lip with a lip liner first. After you do that, you can experiment by layering different glosses to see what looks you can create. You can change an entire lip look simply by changing the liner you use. So get creative and start experimenting.