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About Lionel Tracks

Christmas was coming and Ruth was busy decorating the house for the holidays. Even though the children would not be home this year, she still put out their favorite trains on the Lionel track. It had been a tradition since the children were little. They loved to watch the trains go around the Christmas tree on the Lionel O track when they were young. As they grew older, each year, they loved helping put together the pieces of the Lionel Super O track and making sure that the trains would operate just right on it. As Ruth assembled the tracks, she had many fond memories as she assembled the train on them and arranged the scenery. Then, Ruth had an idea. Since there would be no small children this year, Ruth had an idea. She ordered some more Lionel track from the reliable sellers on eBay many of whom offered convenient shipping methods. In this way, she was able to expand the setup to be even bigger and better.