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About Lionel Standard Gauges

The Lionel model train company has used several track sizes since its founding in the early 1900s, and the Lionel standard gauge is just one of them. Do not let the name confuse you; the standard gauge was only the standard from its inception in 1906 until 1939, when it died out in favor of the less expensive O gauge. The train track's gauge is an important thing to consider when purchasing a model train set. The standard gauge is wider than many of Lionel's other track gauges are, so trains designed for this track size may not work with other tracks. If you are looking for standard gauge track, or if you need a train that works with standard gauge track you already have, a vast inventory exists on eBay, from full train sets in the standard gauge size to parts and accessories such as model baggage trucks designed to work with these vintage standard gauge sets. There is also plenty of track available in this size, including curved and straight pieces to help you create a setup that even your inner child is proud of.