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About Lionel Prewar

You remember being a young child standing on your tiptoes peering into the storefront window when you spied your first Lionel Prewar train set. The black locomotive pulling the train was moving up hills and through valleys as it went around on its track. That Christmas, your Grandpa got you your first Lionel Prewar locomotive. It was one of the original locomotives built by Joshua Lionel Cohen in 1900. Over the years, you have added to your collection specializing in Lionel Prewar O Gauge train sets with batteries that can last for up to 15 hours, but nothing will ever replace that red Electric Express locomotive. You are so glad that you have discovered the reliable sellers on eBay who offer a large selection of Lionel Prewar trains. Many even offer convenient shipping options. You feel so glad that you found the original metal train from Lionel that was produced in 1903.