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About Lionel Operating

For decades, children and adults alike have marveled at intricate and lifelike scale representations of freight and passenger trains at country fairs and holiday displays. The Lionel brand is synonymous with these model trains, and if you have appreciated their miniature magic for years, then it is time for you to start building your own Lionel operating train set from home. The variety of cars and accessories available allows you to design any type of train environment you like, from industrial settings to quiet towns on hillsides. For example, a Lionel operating crane is the perfect addition to a rail yard or bustling town setting. You could also pick up a Lionel operating cattle car to build a rural environment filled with farmlands. Small buildings with intricate details add to the sense of a miniature world. Sellers on eBay offer all of these items in new and used condition, and some offer multiple cars or pieces together. Whether you are still laying tracks or you are already an experienced engineer, Lionel operating sets provide hours of fun for people of all ages.