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About Lionel FasTrack

Considered by many as the most popular Lionel track system available and featuring an easy-to-install design, ability to adapt to any flat surface, and enhanced realism, the Lionel FasTrack offers model train hobbyists and enthusiasts a whole new way to create a model train environment. Furthermore, through the multi-function pieces and with a little geometry knowledge, this rigid track system allows greater variety and freedom when creating the specific train tracks, no matter if you need to bank a 30-degree angle to the right or you need a 30-inch straightaway when building large layouts. All of the train tracks lock right into place without causing loose connections, misaligned tracks, or electrical discontinuity, which also makes for easy assembly and disassembly. Whether on the hunt for a Lionel FasTrack switch or a Lionel FasTrack lot of different sized train tracks, you can start building your train tracks today by taking a trip to eBay and checking out all of the brand new or used tracks available from reliable sellers. Experience ease and ultimate enjoyment as you quickly put together or take apart impressive model train sets with your own Lionel FasTrack sets.

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