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About Lionel 027

In the world of model trains and model train sets, there is no bigger name that has been manufacturing some of the most popular train sets since 1900 than Lionel. Furthermore, with the mass produced Lionel 027 gauge locomotives that feature classic and simple train designs, model train enthusiasts can easily discover a large variety of these trains that have survived since 1915. The "O" gauge trains were targeted towards budget-friendly consumers in the early 20th century, which means collectors can now find a variety of rare and valuable Depression Era and WWII era Lionel locomotives from reliable sellers. With hundreds of different train cars, tracks, and accessories, recreating a classic train set from vintage parts can actually be a fairly easy endeavor. No matter whether you are looking for a highly detailed Lionel 027 engine or a complete Lionel 027 train set, a simple search through eBay showcases one of the most complete collections of vintage and slightly used Lionel trains available. Get chugging along the tracks and experience the magic and wonder of trains through your own Lionel 027 set.

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