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About Lionel

The memories of meticulously setting up your miniature train tracks and the surrounding countryside are as clear as ever. The only brand of toy train you ever wanted was Lionel, and you could spend hours on end immersing yourself in that world. Thankfully, you saved the Lionel train set you enjoyed throughout your childhood, and your kids now enjoy it just as much as you did. The realistic Lionel engine is the showcase piece of the set. Its power is unsurpassed, easily pulling the rest of the cars behind as it races through the hills and valleys of the world you created. No matter what kind of Lionel piece you may need to complete your set, the sellers on eBay offer thousands of different pieces. You can get your parts shipped directly to your door and complete your collection before you know it. Settle down with your kids, and teach them the joy you remember that comes from playing with a toy train set.

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