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About Lion King

If you "just can’t wait to be king," then "The Lion King" is the movie for you. Join Simba on his quest for self-discovery. Get swept away in the pain of Mufasa’s death, the joy of making new friends, and the tenderness of new love. Sing along with Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa about how "Hakuna Matata" ain’t no passing craze. Like Hakuna Matata, "The Lion King" continues to charm the hearts of children in every generation. Whether it is the adorable Simba as a tiny cub, his fierce desire to protect Nala and reclaim his homeland, or the heartwarming songs, there is something in this kids' movie to appeal to viewers of all ages. Buy a Lion King plush from one of eBay's reliable sellers for your children to bury their faces in when Scar and Simba face off on the top of Pride Rock. Adding "The Lion King" DVD to your collection allows your children to watch it time and time again. Complete the circle of life when you share the joys of this Disney classic with the next generation.