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About Lion Costumes

You can take a walk on the wild side by dressing up as the king of the jungle for Halloween or for another costume occasion. Lion costumes come in all shapes and sizes for men, women, and children. Baby lion costumes turn the ferocious creatures into cute and lovable cubs. With snaps or zippers, parents can easily put the costume on a wriggling baby or open it up for a diaper change. Adult costumes range from ferocious to sexy. Silicone masks show the intricate details of the savagely fierce animal. Women can find costumes that feature high hemlines, low-cut tops, whiskers, and a tail to dress as a sexy lion for the holiday. Those looking for popular characters to dress as can wear "Wizard of Oz" lion costumes that depict the friendly and cowardly lion from the story. From simple masks to costumes that cover you from head to toe, the options for lion costumes are endless. Find a variety of new and used costumes in all sizes by shopping from the reliable sellers on eBay. No one dare calls you a scaredy cat.