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About Linksys

Most modern homes need a wireless networking system for the laptops, desktop PCs, printers, smartphones, tablets and home theater systems that rely on the Internet for optimal functioning. A networking system is impossible to achieve, however, without a wireless router. Linksys is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to wireless network technology. If you have multiple computers in your home, and you want each of those computers connected to the Internet, a wireless router is essential. It allows you to create your own wireless network in your home. Each of the computers on the network connects to the Internet via the router. Not all routers, however, are created equal. If you purchase an inferior product, you'll suffer with slow download times and performance issues on the computers that are connected wirelessly. Linksys routers are easy to install and configure, allowing you to do it yourself in little time. There's no need to hire a tech geek to set up your network, which can save you hundreds of dollars. The Linksys wireless routers are also affordable, which is another reason many people use this brand. If you decide to purchase a Linksys wireless computer router, make sure all the computers in your home have integrated wireless technology. If they don't, you'll need to purchase a wireless USB adapter for each computer that does not have wireless integration. If your home covers a lot of square footage, you may not get a great connection in areas that are far from the router, such as the backyard or garage. If that's the case, consider a Linksys range extender, which allows your wireless signal to cover a larger area.