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About Linen Napkins

When you see them folded artistically on top of the dinnerware, nothing says authentic mealtime finery like genuine fine linen napkins. Whether you intend to serve a special Sunday brunch, a holiday dinner, a beautiful wedding reception, or a meal at a fine dining restaurant, 100 percent linen napkins are the very definition of culinary luxury. Finding new or gently used linen napkins on eBay makes it easy to stock your dining room side pass or the wait stations of your chic boutique bistro with these extravagant and stately darlings. Sending out for cleaning is worth it for the upscale, epicurean feel of a real vintage linen napkin across your lap. These aren't napkins for summer barbeque. Whether simple and sturdy off white or embellished with a crest, monogram, or elegant edging, authentic linen napkins make the diner sit up and take notice. From exquisite breakfasts to an elegant English teatime, linen napkins are the flourish any serious table deserves. Bon appetit.