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About Linear Actuators

If Sir Isaac Newton were alive to apply scientific principle to a linear actuator, he might simply repeat his famous theory: "To any action there is always an opposite and equal reaction; in other words, the actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal and always opposite in direction." Linear actuators convert energy and generate motion in a straight line. They are commonly used in computers, machine tools, valves and dampers, and complex lighting systems. Explore the extensive selection of actuators offered by the reliable sellers on eBay to find the linear actuator you need for both home and professional use. Choose from electric linear actuators in a variety of sizes, power capabilities, and work load capacities, manufactured by famous makers such as IAI America Inc., Warner Electric, and Thomson Saginaw. Select a mini linear actuator from makers such as THK, Kossel, and Duff-Norton for use in computers, robotics, or drill press tables. It is time to react and move forward.