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About Lincoln Continental Convertible

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The word "Lincoln" brings to mind many greats in American history: Abe, logs, and of course, Lincoln Continental convertibles. These cars date back to the late 1930s, and enjoy a long production history, continuing to roll off assembly lines through 2002. They feature a sturdy, boxy build, resting on wide platforms sitting low to the ground. In addition to convertibles, the Continental collection includes four-door, five-passenger sedans and SUVs. Lincoln Continental convertibles enjoy a distinct and attractive look, which changes in time as Lincoln makes aesthetic improvements and introduces new designs, keeping with current styles and engineering trends. The earliest convertible dates back to 1942. It features a thick frame, deriving from wood and metal, and has shiny white and chrome wheels. Round headlights and a curving front grill top off the front while large rear fenders cover the back wheels, nearly reaching the ground. The 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible is the first to receive a complete design overhaul with new looks inside and out. This model features front opening doors, a longer and narrower frame, and leather seats. The 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible features a redesign of the front grille to a square shape rather than a convex shape. Although no longer in production, you can search for these American classics and their accessories easily, thanks to the large inventory on eBay.