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About Limoges Plates

There's just something missing from your china collection until you have Limoges plates on display. This porcelain dinnerware was originally handmade in Limoges, France, back in the late 18th century and features beautiful and unique designs. To recognize a true Limoges plates set, you should look for a hand-painted stamp from the factory. It should also say that it is hand-painted. A layer of glaze may be seen since it was often used to add special effects to the images. Many of the early pieces featured complex designs of nature that were hand-painted. For instance, look for a Limoges bird plate and ones with flowers and other landscapes. There are also simple white plates with gold trim if you prefer understated elegance. Limoges plates are a lovely addition to any collection. Check out the reliable sellers on eBay to find the perfect piece of china for your display hutch. Limoges plates are decorative and unique pieces that complement any dining room or display. Find one that fits your style and display it proudly.