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About Limoges

Limoges refers to a high-quality porcelain produced in a city in France of the same name. It is a hard-paste porcelain that has been in production since the 18th century, making it very valuable. A Limoges box is a small hinged porcelain box in which you can store trinkets. Each box has beautifully designed patterns and decorations, and they come in various shapes and sizes; some are even crafted in the shapes of animals with realistic detail. Each porcelain piece is painted by hand to create amazing quality. While Limoges are still in production, finding antiques is a rare treat and something many people seek for their collections. These antique Limoges are made with a certain quality not seen in newer pieces and are worth more as well. Find Limoges to add to your collection or give as a gift by shopping the selection available on eBay, where you can locate intricately crafted pieces with fine hand-painted detail to add to your enjoyment.