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About Lime Crime

Frost yourself in vivid shades with the Lime Crime line of cosmetics. With bold, bright color palettes, founder Doe Deere designed Lime Crime specifically for those who want to express themselves through their makeup. With vivid blue and bold yellow hues, Lime Crime eyeliner can help you create a unique statement each and every time you step out of your house. The company's unique Velvetines line of lip colors go on liquid and dry to a matte finish that is smudge-proof, long-lasting, and "utterly addictive," according to Ms. Deere. The controversies associated with Ms. Deere and her Lime Crime creations have, no doubt, spurred on sales and helped contribute to the collection's cult popularity. You can find a wide range of Lime Crime products, including many hard-to-find and discontinued items through the reliable sellers on eBay so browse through the selection to find the perfect products and shades. Once you try Lime Crime's unique bold colors and innovative products you may never want to go back to boring neutrals again.