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About Lightscribe DVDs

Lightscribe technology allows you to burn a copy of a DVD and its label simultaneously for better presentation, convenience, organization, and general aesthetics. On eBay, you can find a Lightscribe DVD-R from reliable sellers so that you can avoid burning a DVD and labeling it with those hard to use stickers separately. The DVD burner is compact and the software it utilizes takes no time to install, so you can start burning your DVDs the moment your product arrives. They also come with all the cords and USB plugs that you need for it to operate. These discs come in packs of various quantities, from ten to over 100, and they also come in different gigabyte amounts so that you can tailor your purchase to your needs. These discs are not just for video and audio playback either, as you can store files on these DVDs as well, and with the labeling feature, your files can be organized just as well as if they were in an external hard drive. A Lightscribe DVD-R can be yours to have a fun with, or to up your professional game.

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