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About Lighted Vanity Mirrors

In need of a change, you can see yourself in a new light, with the help of lighted vanity mirrors. These mirrors come in different magnifications, including 5x and 10x. You can use less intense magnifications for seeing yourself as a whole picture, or zoom in on trouble spots and carefully apply makeup with lenses in higher magnifications. You can find these mirrors in various styles, including round, square, and oval. Some, like vintage lighted vanity mirrors, feature large surfaces. Long rows of tiny bulbs provide extra light along the sides or top and bottom, giving you a bright looks. These mirrors mount on the wall, and operate using electricity. Other mirrors, featuring contemporary designs, come in sleek chrome finishes. You can find them in aluminum, titanium, and lightweight steel. These mirrors might mount on the wall while others appear as stands. Jointed arms and swiveling rods let you turn them up, down, and sideways. These mirrors operate using electricity as well. Some emit bright white lights, while natural daylight lighted vanity mirrors exude a softer, natural glow. You can look for lighted vanity mirrors on eBay, where a large variety gives you many options from which to choose.